Week 3 GG2FF Wrap Up!

Sorry for the delay!! I blame apple... and myself. Ok, here it is. Studs and Duds: Studs are guys that totally showed up for work, Duds are those that were expected to have monster games, after which you would barely know they were on the field. Studs: Duds: Ben Roethlisberger - Pit QB, Braylon Edwards/Derek… Continue reading Week 3 GG2FF Wrap Up!


No Homers and League Home Sauce after Week 2

OK! Here are the match up results and standings of the guys league and the girls league after week 2. Stay tuned for my week 3 comeback!!! NO HOMERS: Up Yours Flanders                               Dozers Owner: Bubs                                       Owner: Goldie 33.10 Jay Cutler DEN QB                     4.90 Derek Anderson CLE QB 13.90 Frank Gore SFO RB                    9.50 Brandon Jacobs… Continue reading No Homers and League Home Sauce after Week 2