GG2FF Draft #2

The online GG2FF draft this evening was completed in 1 hr. 9 minutes. The ladies rocked it. Smack Talk. Updated Team Names. Stealing Picks. Cyber Toasting. It was everything an online female draft should be. (Next year we go live in Vegas… How about it, ladies?!?!) I had just smugly preached my draft strategy advice […]

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League Home Sauce Live Draft 2010

League Home Sauce met at my place on Friday, August 27th for its fifth annual live draft. It was mitched by the spectacular duo, Elliot and Eli, who served up rounds and rounds of our official league cocktail, The Larry Spritzergerald. The Larry Spritzergerald: 1 lg carton (we used 22 oz.) organic strawberries, stemmed and […]

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