Week 3 Wrap Up

Ah, our last week before the byes. And in LA, before football weather kicks in. Here’s how I did: Shiso Spicy vs. Femme Fatales: 131.65 – 112.15 I’m not the biggest handcuffer at drafts, but boy did my LT – Shonn Greene move turn out nicely. Guess which one I started. Time for soup! Smack […]

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Week 2 Wrap Up

This week poses the question: Would you rather have your team kick ass but lose to a tough match up, or have a shitty week but win due to an easy match up? Ah the quandary! Here are my results of the week: Shiso Spicy vs. Fiery Foxes: 95 – 119.50 I could have made […]

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Week 1 Wrap Up:

Week 1 is under our belts. Let’s start with my results. My team scores: Shiso Spicy vs. Eastsidaz – 80.9 – 81.1 (Ouch! If I played anyone on my bench instead of Shonn Greene I’d have won by a land slide… proportionately.) Smack and Cheese vs. Hollywood Highness – 97.49 – 101.41 (My team did […]

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