Week 7 Wrap Up

We’re on Taylor Time this week. That’s code for late. Here’s the video from the Dallas/Giants Monday Night Match Up. As for my fantasy performances… Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. Wah. A slightly rough week for Mama. It’s as if my players were in the same shape I was on Sunday after not really resting all week […]

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Week 6 Wrap Up

We’re gaining some momentum in the season. I can no longer say “The season is young, and so is the boy I made out with last night!” (Well, part of that sentence, anyway…) A gray, misty weekend in LA procured a few palms to the head over fantasy football, but I still pulled off a […]

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Week 5 Wrap Up

The world is a puzzling place, filled with quite a few things I just can’t understand. e.g. Why I can’t hold onto a pair of gloves for an entire winter, What that squeaking noise is that my car keeps making, Why Amy Stouffer’s AAA Membership Card showed up in my mail pile, And why people […]

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Week 4 Wrap Up

OK, our first week of byes are behind us. Much like the regular season of baseball and today’s surprise project of helping my mother install her new printer via the phone. How’d I fare this week? Shiso Spicy vs. Sticky Rice: 106.00 – 57.05 Which did Dava find more annoying this week: me coming over […]

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