GMA segment on hold

So, as women, we experience various degrees of daily, arbitrary annoyances that can change our mood on a dime, i.e. a parking ticket, a snide or dumb remark from our mothers, losing an argument with a stranger, discovering the condom stashed in the little pouch of our wallet has expired (fine, so maybe I’m alone on that one…), etc.

Jordan is upset to notice her "wallet condom" has expired
Jordan is upset to notice her wallet condom has expired

All of these random, minor bumps in the road make receiving emails informing us that our next television piece has been put on hold, all the easier to take. We thought maybe spreading it out a little bit more would be advisable anyway.
So, stay tuned for League Home Sauce on Good Morning America. Our appearance could possibly be NEXT Sunday, September 14th, 2008, on ABC at 6am, but we’ll see.

One thought on “GMA segment on hold


    Stacy and I love the video.

    PS, got last pick in both my leagues, one team sucks, the other (in Craig Pottruck’s league) though I have McNabb, Favre, the Burner Turner, Moss, etc…so it’s going to be a good season.


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