Week 7 Wrap Up

We’re on Taylor Time this week. That’s code for late.

Here’s the video from the Dallas/Giants Monday Night Match Up.

As for my fantasy performances…
Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. Wah.
A slightly rough week for Mama.
It’s as if my players were in the same shape I was on Sunday after not really resting all week in NYC.

The Results:
Shiso Spicy vs. Funky Hookers: 68.85 – 131
Low score lost to high score. And that’s with McFadden on their bench. A real ego booster, this team.

Smack and Cheese vs. Shockey and Awe: 116.71 – 102.85
Phew, I pulled off a decent week. And that’s with Matt Ryan on my bench. A real humbler, this team. Jen and I had lots of smack talking to do at our MMJ shows for this week’s match up. She put in a solid effort. I mean, who the eff does Steve Johnson think he is getting her 20+ pts?!?! Thankfully Donald Driver canceled him out.

Pajama Drama vs. Bowl of Cole: 107.16 – 113.75
Dear Tom Brady, I do love you, but I could love you more. Ryan at QB or Dez Bryant over Crabtree at flex would have won me the week.

Fat Sweaters vs. Knix Chix: 91.50 -77.65
Finally, someone beat Tina! I did, even though I should have played Beanie. Two things I’ve wanted to say all year!

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Topless Wonders: 83.70 – 85.94
Clearly Peyton Manning is carrying this team. The two weeks I’ve lost are his bye week and his bust week. I would have won with Knox over Welker.

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoos vs. Mr. Sparkle: 81.90 – 109.10
Crap, the case of the wrong receivers. Bryant and Bess would have won it over Crabtree and Branch.
I’m craving an eggplant parm. This has nothing to do with fantasy but I’m writing this on an airplane and being weird.

OK, off to get ready for my Mile High Girls Guide Basketball Draft.

Touch back with you next week!

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