Week 11 Wrap Up

When you play in multiple leagues like I do, you often find yourself losing because many of your opponents have the same big game players. This week I played against MJD, Dwayne Bowe, and Santonio Holmes over and over again.
Let’s see if my guys could outscore their numbers…

Shiso Spicy vs. Fiery Foxes: 88.25 – 145.55
Yes they had high score. Yes, they’re in first place. Go Foxes. Even Brees finally producing couldn’t save me. This pretty much puts me out of playoff contention here.

Smack and Cheese vs. Mimi’s Team:85.26 – 122.86
Well well well, looks like Lauren’s team doesn’t suck after all! I’m still in third place, though. Still hopeful.

Pajama Drama vs. Blonde Indians: 94.02 – 92.30
Malena gave me a run for my money, but my Wallace and Colston beat out her Santonio and T. Jones in the end. I’m clawing my way to the top here. I’m 3rd in points with a 5-6 record. The playoffs are within reach!

Fat Sweaters vs. Don’t Break My Heart: 127.75 – 105.40
Who needs a kicker? Not mama nor the Dolphins, this week.
First place in the pro league and first to clinch a playoff spot. It’s good to be queen. Now go fix me a cocktail and present me with a long line of handsome suitors and maybe I’ll let you snuggle with me during halftime and play with my hair.

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Cromartie’s Condoms: 118.14 – 83.94
I’m back on top of my division. Right where I want to be. My Freddy Jackson canceled out MJD and the rest of my team hammered down the win.

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoos vs. The Emperor of Springfield: 90.70 – 143.40
My poor boys just can’t catch a break. But I love them just the same. Well, maybe separately, but not together?

Happy Thanks g. everyone! I’m off to NYC for a ridiculous amount of dinner parties, a few concerts (duh), and my first trip to New Meadowlands. My flashlight’s all packed.

Touch back with you next week.

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