Week 12 Wrap Up

New Meadowlands Stadium? Check. Though the weather gets more credit for the amazing day at the game. Sitting in the sun and not freezing my ass off in November? Yes, please! Let’s concentrate on that so I’m distracted from being sore about no more Gore.
Here’s how thankful I can be this week:

Shiso Spicy vs. Femmes Fatales: 71.55 – 71.35
A win is a win. Even without any superstars. Nobody has clinched a playoff berth in this league. Fierce competition, Ladies!

Smack and Cheese vs. 1st Down Syndrome: 132.49 – 97.89
High score and a playoff clincher! And that’s with TWO zeros! (Bironas and V. Jackson – I was scrambling for WRs with Nicks and Marshall out.) Hillis, Goodson, and Vick to the rescue. Is there a new Peyton in town?!?!

Pajama Drama vs. Blue Candy: 100.06 – 103.53
So close to taking down the queen! If I had played anyone but Dez Bryant at flex I would have succeeded!! Good game, Andee, you play hard!
I’m sure the Sunday game was giving you anxiety! I was pretty calm, but mostly because I was having a good chuckle over my mother referring to Norv Turner as “the guy with the wrinkly neck.”

Fat Sweaters vs. Belligerent Marys: 123.10 – 81.15
Oh snap, I got high score and I wasn’t even trying. Well, I was trying, but I didn’t need to be… A+ for Brady and Freddy. Dan Carpenter making up for last week sure didn’t hurt me either.

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Muppets Go Medieval: 88.60 – 121.38
I did lose to high score, and I am still in the hunt for the playoffs, but I will miss my Frankie Gore and I have to win next week without him… My last minute decision to NOT put all my eggs in a Patriots basket by playing Branch AND Welker proved faulty. If I had stuck with my mid week instinct, AND played Ivory or Knox at flex over Moss (Santana, Mama avoids the problem child…) and Boss over Gresham at TE, I would have hammered it down this week…

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoos vs. Guy Incognito: 102.60 – 97.20
Well, I gotta hand it to these guys, they do have heart. Out of the playoffs but still pulling wins. Two touchdowns from the Pat’s law firm, and finally playing the right receivers (Branch, Royal, and Crabtree) made it possible.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!
Touch back with you next week!

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