Week 13 Wrap Up

Well, well, well… We’re at the border of regular season and post season in fantasy. It’s do or die now. I’ve done and I’ve died.
Here’s what happened.

Shiso Spicy vs. Sticky Rice: 110.25 – 57.40
The SF/ARI MNMM duo goes to battle. I didn’t really mean to kick Dava’s ass. Especially since she did such a great job in the kitchen. And even more so because I am out of the running for the playoffs and she’s still alive. Oh well. Glad my kick ass team finally showed up for work (namely Brees, Sidney Rice, Bradshaw, and Forte)…

Smack and Cheese vs. Backfield in Motion: 99.24 – 97.44
This small margin of victory was ineffectual. I already clinched and Emily is still in fourth. One more week to see if she can hang on to the 4th playoff spot! AP, more of that in the coming weeks, please!

Pajama Drama vs. Hogs & Rocks: 111.56 – 111.79
Awesome match up. This seemed to be my fate for this league all season. I’m 3rd in points and 9th in the standings. Brady, Bradshaw and Colston couldn’t quite cancel out Foster, Wayne, and Green-Ellis. It wouldn’t have been such a nail biter if I had played Davis over Tamme at TE. Oh well, GG Camp league, it was fun while it lasted!

Fat Sweaters vs. The Garcias: 90.45 – 60.05
Going into my bye week with a bang? I sure hope my team doesn’t choke when it counts the most… My RBs aren’t front runners in the stud department but they seem to get the job done. We’ll see!

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Gay Pirates: 90.60 – 79.98
I did it! Made the playoffs even with a slumping Manning. My multiple Patriots and Chris Ivory made that possible. You just know Pierre’s going to come back and stir up trouble for the playoffs…

OK, off to make the bacon latkes.
Touch back with you next week!

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