Week 14 Wrap Up

The playoffs are here!
I don’t know about you but I’ve been finding myself doing a lot of consoling, saying a lot of “Don’t worry, you’ll kick ass next year,” “I don’t blame you for hating Ryan Mathews,” and “Of course you could vow to never own a Panther!”

Most of my results aren’t all that exciting.
In League Home Sauce, Shiso Spicy lost to Howard’s Heroes but both teams were already eliminated from the playoffs.
In GG2FF, Smack and Cheese killed it (despite Multiple Scoregasms’ kicker getting 29 pts!), but had already clinched the third place slot.
In Girls Guide Pro, Fat Sweaters had a bye.
In the Camp League, Pajama Drama’s season was over (but would have had 2nd highest score).
and in Battle of the Sexes, Golf Fart & Urinals lost the first round of playoffs to Cromartie’s Condoms, The Football Girl’s Melissa Jacobs’ team. McFadden, D Jax, Falcons D, Brady, and MJD gave her high score of the week. That’s OK, we face each other again this week in GGPro and I’m out for revenge!

Touch back with you next week!

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