Girls Guide Diamonds!

Baseball season is here!
The ladies of Girls Guide Pro have come together once again to complete the Girls Guide Trifecta of Fantasy Sports (football, basketball, and now baseball!). We have some old timers and some newcomers. Stay tuned for bios on all! Here is the manager list:
Little Red Rail Riders – Jordan Zucker (Commish)
Holliday in Spain – Melissa Chusid (co-chair)
Homer’s Wonder Bat – Ann Marie Sclafani
JA – Julie Alexandria
CJMS – Martine Dimartino
PlouffeMagicDragon – Katie Des Londe
Portland Panic – Emily Hutson
Sweet N Mauer Sauce – Laree Brantley
Team Dokkkkkkkktor – Amanda Rykoff
Tiger Blood Ballers – Anita Marks
WhattaSteeles – Michele Steele
Clam Jam – Windy Palmore
Knixchix – Tina Cervasio

Our online draft was last Tuesday and I think everyone got a pretty good team!
Here are the results:

Jordan, Emily, and Julie's Teams
Anita, Martine, and Windy's Teams
Laree, Katie, and Tina's Teams
Michele, Summer, and Amanda's Teams
Ann Marie and Melissa's Teams

We’ll update you sporadically throughout the season and let you know how we’re doing!

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