GG2MM + Uproot Wines!

Girls Guide is teaming up with Uproot Wines for March Madness this year!

Free Entry! Winner of the tournament gets a gift bag from Uproot including wines, t-shirt, water bottle and more!

FILL OUT YOUR BRACKET HERE!!! It’s GG2MM-Uproot (Group 71976 on Yahoo!)

More about Uproot: @drinkuproot
Uproot is a winery that reimagines winemaking to create something fresh, modern, and full of energy. We’re change makers, experience makers. And, yes, some might even say trouble makers.
Quantity over quality isn’t in our vocabulary. Only the best and most concentrated berries from our Napa and Santa Ynez vineyards make the cut.
Hand-picked fruit from hand-selected vineyards. Low-yield and small batch size. Fermented and aged in new French oak. Constant attention to detail. Delivered straight to your doorstep. We may not follow the rules, but we definitely don’t cut corners.


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