Gearing up for the 2010 Season!! Great names for girls fantasy football teams.

My favorite time of year, rankings, cheat sheets, sleepers, busts, keepers, etc. The ladies are preparing for this season of football! Ah, August!

I’ve changed my team names. In League Home Sauce I will be managing Shiso Spicy.

In the second league I’ve got Smack and Cheese.

My camp league for last year is being changed to “Training Camp” League – for first timers. Keeping with the “camp” theme I’ve got Pajama Drama in that one.

And this year I’m starting a “Pro” League, with all experienced women involved and working in the sports field. My team is Fat Sweaters in that one.

What are your favorite team names?!?!

P.S. After reading Bill Simmon’s (aka The Sports Guy’s) recent article I now want to join another league, JUST so I can name my team the Las Vegas Golf Farting Urinals

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