1st Draft Down! Championship!!

I had my first online draft last night. Well, technically I had someone else’s first draft last night. A buddy of mine brought me to his draft last year and he wound up winning the whole thing. This year he was in an area with shady internet connection and had me draft for him, but no pressure to produce as well as last year. (Well, kind of. And, yes, I’m in on the winnings.) Anyway, his league has crazy scoring with huge passing and rushing bonuses. So I concentrated on getting him a stud QB and explosive RBs first.
Here’s his line up. Game on!
QB: Tom Brady – NE (17th pick – Round 2)
RB: Frank Gore – SF (8th pick – Round 1)
RB: Beanie Wells – AZ (32nd pick – Round 3)
RB/WR: Matt Forte – CHI (56th pick – Round 5)
WR: Roddy White – ATL (41st pick – Round 4)
WR: Hakeem Nicks – NYG (65th pick – Round 6)
WR/TE: Johnny Knox – CHI (104th pick – Round 9)
TE: Jermichael Finley – GB (80th pick – Round 7)
D/ST: Steelers – PIT (137th pick – Round 12) – STEAL!
K: David Buehler – DAL (209th pick – Round 18)
BE: Eli Manning – NYG QB (89th pick – Round 8)
BE: Ahmad Bradshaw – NYG RB (113th pick – Round 10) STEAL!
BE: Robert Meachem – NO WR (128th pick – Round 11) – STEAL!
BE: Kevin Walter – HOU WR (152nd pick – Round 13)
BE: Greg Olsen – CHI TE (161nd pick – Round 14)
BE: Leon Washington – SEA RB (176th pick – Round 15) – STEAL!
BE: Jacoby Jones – HOU WR (185th pick – Round 16) STEAL!
BE: Bernard Scott – CIN WR (200th pick – Round 17)

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