League Home Sauce Live Draft 2010

League Home Sauce met at my place on Friday, August 27th for its fifth annual live draft.
It was mitched by the spectacular duo, Elliot and Eli, who served up rounds and rounds of our official league cocktail, The Larry Spritzergerald.
The Larry Spritzergerald:
1 lg carton (we used 22 oz.) organic strawberries, stemmed and halved
1 bunch fresh basil, chopped
2 bottles white wine (we used Sauv Blanc)
1 bottle club soda

Place two strawberries and 1 T chopped basil in a cup and muddle. Fill the glass 3/4 full with white wine. Add splash of club soda (1 oz.) and mix. Kudos to the Dava for nabbing Larry in the 3rd round of our draft.

Commsh + Draft Board + Larry Spritzergerald
Draft 2010

Here’s who I drafted:
Shiso Spicy
1) Drew Brees – QB NO (8th pick)
2) Shonn Greene – RB NYJ (16th pick)
3) Brandon Marshall – WR MIA (25th pick)
4) Matt Forte – RB CHI (36th pick)
5) Michael Crabtree – WR OAK (45th pick)
6) Hakeem Nicks – WR NYG (56th pick)
7) Santana Moss – WR WAS (65th pick)
8) Jermichael Finley – TE GB (76th pick) STEAL!
9) Ahmad Bradshaw – RB NYG (85th pick) STEAL!
10) Philly D (96th pick)
11) LT – RB NYJ (105th pick)
12) Johnny Knox – WR OAK (116th pick) STEAL!
13) Mark Sanchez – QB NYJ (125th pick)
14) Leon Washington – RB SEA (136th pick)
15) Bernard Scott – RB CIN (145th pick)
16) David Buehler – K DAL (156th pick)

The Girls

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