GG2FF Camp Draft – Labor Day

We did it! I had half a league over to my place for an online draft. Each girl brought a laptop, vino, and a thirst for the unknown, and embarked on her very first fantasy football draft.  We had 14 brave souls sign up, so our slogan quickly was established as, “Girls Guide Camp takes it to 14.” (Eat me, Spinal Tap!) We had half the team spread across the country and they mostly checked in via video chat. (We’re so five years ago, we can’t stand it!) Everyone did a great job! (No, we don’t allow auto-draft, even in our newbie league. Yes, we smack talk when Beansie drafts all dorks and delinquents.) We seemed to have some drafting patterns: Jen got the Pierres, Beansie’s RB’s are both Moss, Laurie went for the Jacksons, Courtney’s sponsoring the Cowboys, Saints, and Vikings, etc.

Here’s who I drafted, (I kind of like them now which means I should hate them in the morning…)
Pajama Drama
1. (9) Frank Gore – RB SF
2. (20) Tom Brady – QB NE
3. (37) Marques Colston – WR NO
4. (48) Ahmad Bradshaw – RB NYG (Ya, RBs go thin quickly with 14 teams!)
5. (65) Vernon Davis – TE SF (Couldn’t bring myself to get Finley again…)
6. (76) Mike Wallace – WR PIT
7. (93) C.J. Spiller – RB BUF
8. (104) Matt Ryan – QB ATL
9. (121) Dez Bryant – WR CHI
10. (132) Miami – D/ST
11. (149) Darren Sproles – RB SD
12. (160) Julian Edelman – WR NE (Yes, I draft multiple times so I’m not playing against myself every week.)
13. (177) Matt Prater – K DEN
14. (188) Javon Walker – WR MIN (What, last pick… and he’s hot. Shut-up.)

We're drafting! Assume the position.

Girls Guide Camp's First Draft

C Twice video chats in!

The Tight Ends check in after explaining to her kids her choice for a team name

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