Week 2 Wrap Up

This week poses the question: Would you rather have your team kick ass but lose to a tough match up, or have a shitty week but win due to an easy match up? Ah the quandary!

Here are my results of the week:

Shiso Spicy vs. Fiery Foxes: 95 – 119.50
I could have made marginal changes that would have tacked on a few pts here and there (i.e. play Sanchez over Brees – sorry to have missed that one), but my best possible score still wouldn’t have stood up to All Day and McCoy on the Fiery Foxes. Good job, girls.

Smack and Cheese vs. Mimi’s Team: 100.92 – 89.43
I won, but I’m filing a formal complaint with the SF D/ST – The sleeper that’s still effing sleeping!

Pajama Drama vs. Sunday Widow: 112.37 – 123.24
I would have won with Ryan and Bryant over Brady and Wallace, but I still had a decent week. McCoy is now my nemesis. I’ll win next week. Don’t lose hope.

Fat Sweaters vs. MISF: 73.60 – 66.90
A little GG2FF SAT prep – Fat Sweaters:Week 2 as Chicago Bears:Week 1. We won, but we sure didn’t try to. And I played my optimal line up.

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Gay Pirates: 108 – 90.06
And that’s with Ochocinco being Ochostinko.

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoos vs. Guy Incognito: 81.70 – 116.90
I’ll sleep well knowing that even if I had played Kevin Walter, I still would have lost… (and not just because it’ll be past 4am EST when I’ve landed and arrived home.)

For the second week in a row, my Sunday football drinking has been infringed upon by a dear friend’s wedding celebration (The bachelorette was on the 11th and the wedding was on the 18th). So both weekends mama found herself up on Sunday in bad shape and in serious need of some Tylenol Codeine, Dr. Pepper, and a horizontal position, (Holla!). However, I did make it to the Girls Guide Pro meet up at Pourhouse on restaurant row in the city for the Manning match up SNF Colts/Giants game.
Monday Night Football was Virgin Mile High (no, not in Denver and nothing involving a first time). I will continue to gripe about the waning nickel and dime-ing practices of Virgin America, but the wi-fi, outlets, and satellite certainly ease that pain. I basically accomplished what I would have in my own living room, but traveled across the country in the process. Almost more time efficient than the red-eye. Yes, I’ll be passing out immediately upon entering my apartment, but it’ll be bedtime anyway, not the start of the day when I’ll need an 8am nap.
P.S. The is why I snatched up Gore 1st round if he was avail. Team name change ideas include: The Gore Whores, The Gorey Details (courtesy of The OCD Chick), Simply Gore-geous, Gore-n To Run, Score with Gore, Gore-n Porn…

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