Week 3 Wrap Up

Ah, our last week before the byes. And in LA, before football weather kicks in.
Here’s how I did:
Shiso Spicy vs. Femme Fatales: 131.65 – 112.15
I’m not the biggest handcuffer at drafts, but boy did my LT – Shonn Greene move turn out nicely. Guess which one I started. Time for soup!

Smack and Cheese vs. 1st Down Syndrome: 132.23 – 106.96
Not even going to complain that it wasn’t my best possible line up. But, Welcome to Miami, Brandon Marshall!!

Pajama Drama vs. Mighty Quinns: 81.74 – 87.68
Should have played Mike Wallace. Brandon Jackson failed me. (As did Coldston Colston).

Fat Sweaters vs. NY Steel Curtain: 97.95 – 116.65
All together now. Should have played Mike Wallace. Get this, if I had played Wallace instead of Forte at flex, I would have tied at 116.65. That would have been hot.

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Awesome Sauce: 116 – 105.28
I needed Jennings to get less than 18 pts. Thankfully he took a nap after the first touchdown of the game.

We shot the first episode of Monday Night Match Up Menus. It should be posted by the end of the week so you’ll have all weekend to prepare for the Patriots @ Dolphins meal. Stay tuned! And adjust your line-up. We’ve got bye weeks!
– Commish

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