Week 4 Wrap Up

OK, our first week of byes are behind us. Much like the regular season of baseball and today’s surprise project of helping my mother install her new printer via the phone.
How’d I fare this week?

Shiso Spicy vs. Sticky Rice: 106.00 – 57.05
Which did Dava find more annoying this week: me coming over to watch MNF when I had already clinched the win, or all of the new pop up ads on the Yahoo! website this season? I refused to let her drop Colston, too.

Smack and Cheese vs. Backfield in Motion: 90.17 – 82.54
No All Day this week? No prob, Hillis and DeAngelo showed up for work. It’s OK, Emily beat me in baseball.

Pajama Drama vs. The Tightends: 82.07 – 68.92
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Ahmad Bradshaw. Strong performer in a mediocre win for the Giants AND Pajama Drama.
Ladies and Gentelmen, The Moss Receiving Core. May as well have been on a bye yet the Redskins, Patriots, AND Baked Beansies all managed a win.

Fat Sweaters vs. 2 Eli’s 1 Cup: 70.80 – 77.85
Even DeAngelo finally finding the end zone couldn’t save me in this league. No superstars on either team. It’s almost like an election.

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Team Rino: 70.08 – 121.00
Playing against Gates and Chargers D made the 1st place – 2nd place swap possible for Rino. You’re welcome.

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoos vs. Wiggam’s Warriors: 97.50 – 73.60
I finally caught a break. Though I’m predicting LT to be the best valued draft pick of the season. Yes, Buffalo can probably even make me look good #mamadon’tjog, but LaDainian’s looking pretty InSaneian.

Touch back with you next week!

3 thoughts on “Week 4 Wrap Up

  1. I can’t wait until campaign season is over so I can actually watch a game! (Though, who knows, that might end up jinxing my Beansies).

  2. I completely agree with you about LT. Let’s hope my WR1, Randy Moss, will thrive too after a change of scenery. Thanks for the pep talk too! I am 1-4 now and, hopefully, climbing.

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