Week 6 Wrap Up

We’re gaining some momentum in the season. I can no longer say “The season is young, and so is the boy I made out with last night!” (Well, part of that sentence, anyway…) A gray, misty weekend in LA procured a few palms to the head over fantasy football, but I still pulled off a respectable performance.

The Results:

Shiso Spicy vs. Whale V’s: 114 – 73.35
There was one point when we were watching together when I had high score of the league and the WV’s had low score. Then Addai showed up for work, “We’re coming for you!” they teased. If I had started Knox or Crabtree over Nicks, (or if Eli had thrown that beautiful TD to Nicks instead of Manningham…) I would have had high score. I blame Eli.

Smack and Cheese vs. May The Breast Team Win: 76.14 – 104.33
Meredith clobbered me. Floyd out of the game after 15 yards killed me. That and Moeaki being more icky. That and Nicks being nixed. I blame Eli.

Pajama Drama vs. C-Twice: 118.34 – 67.78
Finally I got a win in the training camp league. Embarrassing! Wallace, Crabtree, Bryant, and Davis all finding the end zone + Gore and Bradshaw running north of 100 yds = win. Time for a raid!

Fat Sweaters vs. Skye’s the Limit: 82.75 – 79.30
No choice on starting rosters due to bye weeks is hot. Especially when you own Maclin.

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Van Buren Boys: 86.68 – 77.68
Fail on dropping Chris Ivory for Earnest Graham. WTF was I thinking? Peyton redeemed himself from last week and carried the team to victory.

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoos vs. The Gasteneautors 94.2 – 74.3
Schuab showed up. But not to Walter. I should have benched Nicks and Walter and played Branch, Bryant, or Bess. But I’ll take the division win.

Off to NYC for my October trip. How I wound up choosing the one weekend without a “New Meadowlands” game is beyond me. Yes, unacceptable, I know.

Touch back with you next week!

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