Final Wrap Up of the Season

Great season everyone! I’m sad it’s over, but at least I won’t have to be haunted by that godforsaken “Your wish has been granted” Yahoo! pop up ad anymore…
Here are the final results of the season:

League Home Sauce:
1st place – Fiery Foxes (Wendy and Bryna)
2nd place – Trash Truckers (Lauren Howard)
3rd place – Funky Hookers (Liz and Gayle)
In this league, the regular season standings were maintained throughout the playoffs. Now there’s something I’ve never seen before! Way to play it, ladies!

1st place – Smack and Cheese (Me – Yipee!)
2nd place – Hollywood Highness (Lisa)
3rd place – Woody’s Johnson (Morgan)
I didn’t win it until Tuesday, but Vick and All Day took it on home for me. Winning is completely validating. All of a sudden, there is no mention of luck. No, no, mama’s a lucky girl. Morgan was the me of the pro league, cruising through the season, losing in the semi-finals, and coming back with a vengeance in the last game of the year.

Girls Guide Pro:
1st place – Eat Prey Destroy (Melissa Jacobs)
2nd place – LareeRocks (Laree)
3rd place – Fat Sweaters (Me – yay!)
Winning with Randy Moss in your starting line up: impressive or obnoxious? Either way, The Football Girl got it done. Laree nabbed the silver on a choke week, and I hung onto to a medal with my killer team rising to the occasion. Santa was a week late with the numbers I needed from Forte, but it was nice to end the season in style.

Girls Guide Camp:
1st place – Tightends (Laurie)
2nd place – Blue Candy (Andee)
3rd place – Hog and Rocks (Stephanie)
Andee’s first and only loss of the year wound up being in the Su Pa Bo. “Now I understand the pain of fantasy, Commish,” she confessed. Laurie now owes Aaron Rodgers a gift basket. Steph owes her bronze to her MVP, Arian Foster.

Great job, ladies!!! Stay tuned for draft plans starting in June! Now on to concentrating on hoops…
Touch back with you next season!
– Commish

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