Powder Puff Football?

I was rooting for the Packers and the Jets this past weekend. More the Jets than the Packers but I wanted to make specific picks on both games.
So I got the wrong one out of the two if I had to choose, but it was a nice little post-season.
We watched all decked out in green in my friend Kimo’s newly redone, beautiful backyard. (Advantage L.A.).
Kimo said he wanted Bears/Steelers to win because he wants “in the mud” football.
I said, “What do you mean Keems? Jets/Packers would be pussy football?”
“Ya, Jord.”
“Well then I’m rooting for powder puff football!” chimed in Let.
“Ya, Keems, I’ll do my nails during the game if I want to!
We could have gotten into the whole “I’d rather have a good-looking quarterback than a defiling one” thing, but that seemed a little over-played at the time. It’s all good. We’re all friends.

Jord with Dylan, Alex, and Wes Brough in Jets Green

So I’m off to Dallas in two weeks for the Su Pa Bo. Not sure if I’ll go to the game now, we’ll see. But I suppose I’m rooting for the Packers. Technically, there are more individual Steelers whom I love. Wallace was a monster for me this year. Who doesn’t root for Polamalu? And my favorite Steeler of all is Tomlin. Love him. But the Green Bay D/ST was on my awesome Girls Guide Pro team, I think Rogers deserves the title, and eff the Steelers for knocking out the Jets.
Bring on the cheese.

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