Week 9 Wrap Up

This weekend found me in Vegas for one of the Girls Guide Ladies, Amanda’s, bday celebration, which I now affectionately refer to as the Amandalay Bay Bday ExtraVegasa.
I did fare better in this week’s fantasy games than I did at the black jack table, (lost three consecutive hands of 20 to the dealer’s 21, REALLY?!?!) but I’m still waiting for my week of across the board wins.

Shiso Spicy vs. Rock Explosion: 97.4 – 118.65
Note to self. Cathy will always beat me. Even with decent weeks from Brees, Bradshaw, and Nicks.

Smack and Cheese vs. Frothy Ten Spots: 153.26 – 92.88
Rocked it with high score in this league. Vick, Nicks, AP, Hillis, and even Brandon Jackson all showed up for work big time.

Pajama Drama vs. FYF: 119.21 – 95.34
Solid outings around the board including my new TE Tamme. If I had played Dez Bryant at flex I would I have beaten Blue Candy for high score. Blue Candy is undefeated, has clinched a playoff spot, and is number one in points. I’ve created a monster.

Fat Sweaters vs. Percy No Evil: 114.15 – 107.40
And with that, I’ve taken first place in the pro league. MVP shared by Packers D and Mike Wallace. My D was my high scorer, but I was losing coming into MNF and Wallace stepped up to be the hero.

Golf Fart & Urinals vs. Polish Power: 58.36 – 139.46
I don’t even want to talk about this league. My team is in shambles. SHAMBLES I SAY! And I had started the season off so well…

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoos vs. Super Nintento Chalmers: 56.80 – 151.00
No, it wasn’t high score vs. low score, someone did worse than me. Ha! But it turns out my Dez Bryant – BenJarvis Green Ellis trade came to bite me in the ass. Hopefully I’ll get Portis and Thomas back soon.

We’re halfway through the regular season, but everything can change.

Touch back with you next week!
– JZ

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